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About Us

We sculpt confidence one cut at a time

Our barbers are dedicated to providing cutting-edge services in the Homewood, Larimer, East Liberty sections of Pittsburgh  and beyond. We surpass the average shop haircuts-we craft experiences. With a commitment to excellence, our skilled team ensures you not only leave looking sharp but feeling confident. We offer ole school razor shaves, facials, eyebrows, burst fades designs and more for any texture of hair. We are a family oriented shop and a safe space that does not discriminate against any person. Plus we are good at what we do, so hit that booking button and lets schedule your exceptional service today!! 


Our Story

At HEIRS, we're not just barbers, we're community builders. Our CEO, Curtis Miller, began cutting hair at the age of 10 and has since combined his passion for barbering and social work to create a unique experience for our customers. This is evident in what we call our five pillar 1 Mentorship 2 Entrepreneurship 3 Mental Wellness 4 Community engagement and 5 Apprenticeship.  Changing lives one head at a time mean we cut hair but we also provide much more; we offer mentorship to our young clients and help them build confidence and life skills. We are combining social work, mental health, barbering, and entrepreneurship to make a real difference in our community. Read more in our about page.

Meet The Team

Our Clients

Gentlemens haircut on an elder statesmen
drop fade
Dred Retwist and style
Children's bald fade
High and tight bald fade
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